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5 features to look for in a router for a home-based business

Because connectivity is essential
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Starting a business is not only difficult but also expensive. Thus a number of Filipinos have opted to start their entrepreneurial journey by having home-based businesses, which are mostly online.

Social networking sites like Facebook and Multiply have become the new marketplace for the home-based Pinoy entrepreneur. In an environment where the selling and marketing of goods are done over the internet, a reliable internet connection is needed.

During a road show here in Manila, Cisco’s director for Asia sales Boon Ping Tang said routers have long ceased to be just gadgets that connect your laptops and desktops to the internet. “The day is getting more and more interconnected each day through the internet, thus the need for better and more efficient internet connection,” said Tang during the launch of the new E4200 router.

But unlike in the past, the router has ceased to be merely the bridge for sharing internet connection. It has become a gadget that allows for a more efficient and faster internet connection. asked Tang to cite five features an effective router should possess to make a significant contribution in the success of a Filipino entrepreneur who has an online business.

1.    Performance
Aside from merely connecting to the internet, the router must be able to connect effectively. Look for a router that runs on simultaneous dual-band (2.4 and 5.0 GHz) with four multiple ports. Like Cisco\\\'s E4200, it should have a maximum performance of 300Mbps. “With this, we make sure that your internet connection is as stable as possible,” said Tang.

2.    Guest-access capability
“When you have guests or clients who actually visit your place for the transaction, you can give them internet access easily with the router as it provides a guest access capability,” said Tang.

3.    Design
While other routers are screaming ‘geek,’ the Cisco E4200 has a matte steel finish with a sleek design that gives the gadget a professional feel. “It does not have the obtrusive antennas other routers have,” said Tang.

4.    USB port feature
“If you have to share one file to your colleagues, you can simply plug in the USB or hard drive into the router and people connected to it can actually access the file. It’s easy and time efficient,” said Tang.

5.    Home-entertainment ready
“Doing presentations is part of business. With the new router, you can immediately do product demonstrations by plugging the router into the television set,” said Tang.


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