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5 marks of quality many consumers look for in products

Manufacturers should aspire for these certifications
By Carlo P. Mallo |

There may be a million light fixtures out there, but there are only a handful of standards that all these light fixture manufacturers follow. It’s the same with nearly every product worldwide – from your battery chargers, plastic chairs, home furnishings, motor vehicle parts, holiday décor, and construction materials.

These standards are set by the international groups or by the respective countries that import these products. But overall, there is a similarity among the standards imposed on the products.

With common standards, there is uniformity and wider acceptability of the products – whether it is imported by the Philippines, US, China, or Europe. But most importantly, the aim of these standards is to protect consumers from substandard products which can put them, their property, or their businesses in peril. Like the substandard Christmas lights that are smuggled into the country every year, which is blamed as the cause of fires during the holiday season.

To help you further understand these standards, has compiled the five marks that should assure you that the product you are buying is made at par with the international or local standards.


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