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5 mobile apps to boost your productivity

Make the most out of your mobile phone.
By KC Calpo |

Here are five mobile-friendly apps that let you get the work done on the go. The best part of it all, they’re free!


1. Box

Most documents can simply be sent over e-mail, uploaded to servers, or shared to colleagues through flash drives. However, heftier files need a service that has more wiggle room and security. Box, which provides Personal, Business and Enterprise accounts, also enables users to manage their files through their mobile devices. Box offers native apps for those with Android, iOS and BlackBerry devices, but users toting smartphones and tablets with other operating systems can also access their accounts at


2. Google Docs

Give your installed word processor the old heave-ho and say hello to Google Docs. Create, edit, and store all your documents in the cloud, and let your colleagues, friends and family members in on your work as you go along. Android users can easily download the native app via the Android Market, but those in other OS camps can access their Google Docs accounts by firing up their mobile browsers and typing in



3. Toggl

Toggl, probably the simplest time-tracking service we’ve seen and used so far, lets you know exactly how much time you’ve spent on particular tasks. In turn, the knowledge will help you formulate better work schedules and cross more items off that long (and frequently changing) to-do list! If you use Basecamp, FreshBooks, and QuickBooks, you can also link up your Toggl account with these services. Toggl keeps everyone happy by making desktop clients for Windows, Mac and Linux. What about mobile users, you ask? If you’re on Android and iOS, you can also get native apps through the Android Market and Apple App Store. Otherwise, track your time through


4. Evernote

The immense amount of information we deal with every day makes forgetfulness all too common. Evernote will help you drop that bad habit like a hot potato. Organize your documents, web pages, images and notes into different notebooks, and share them over social networking sites and public links for collaborative projects with this app. Evernote may be downloaded for free in most iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7, and webOS devices. Your mobile device’s OS not on this list? You can still log on to Evernote at



5. Instapaper

Stumbled upon great content online but have no time to read everything on the spot? Instead of the traditional bookmarking, try Instapaper, a web service that saves URLs for later reading on web browsers on your computer or smartphones, or in devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Amazon Kindle. Sign up for a free account at, pin the “Read Later” button on your browser, then Instapaper creates a cached readable text layout you can read at your own pace and time.


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