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5 reasons coffee shops go green

And how eco-friendly moves boost sales
By Carlo P. Mallo |

It all started when Starbucks Philippines’ chief operating officer, Noey Lopez, decided to use LED lighting to light up an outlet at the Bonifacio Global City. Using Philips LED lighting solutions, the building was still able to provide customers with bright ambient lighting conditions, despite having low power consumption. Seeing that being green did not mean sacrificing the quality, Lopez pushed the envelope further and included more ‘green’ initiatives.

“Starbucks is always looking for ways to improve the environmental performance of our stores. Designing, building and operating our stores in ways that reduce our impact on the planet is important for us. That is why we have incorporated everything from responsible building materials and furnishings to energy- and water-efficient measures into our store designs,” said  Lopez.

Aside from the discount given to customers who bring their own thermos and cups, which is a campaign implemented in all Starbucks stores, the building was designed in a way that it utilizes natural light and allows for the re-use of rain water. “That alone saves us on electricity and water costs,” Lopez said, adding that the recycled water is only used for certain applications and not in food preparation.

But what pushed the company to embrace “green” aside from the fact that the company’s logo is a monochromatic green color?

Lopez gives five reasons why they are going ‘green’ and why you should consider it, too.


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