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5 reasons for joining the organic-produce bandwagon

And why it\\\'s healthy for your business, too
By Carlo P. Mallo |

Converting his pastry store along Wilson St. in Greenhills, San Juan into a marketplace for organic farmers is the latest move of socio-entrepreneur Angelo Songco, who recently opened Sugarleaf - a restaurant and organic produce market under one roof.

“Its core mission is to provide organic products like all-organic chia seeds, raw powdered maca, goji berries, golden berries & freeze-dried acai.  Other hard-to-source specialty food products as well as dehydrators, high-speed blenders, Spirooli and raw food preparation tools are available to order as well,” Songco said.

But what made Songco take allegiance to the organic-produce flag and jump into the organic bandwagon despite the strong performance of his native pastry shop?

Here are the five reasons why Songco believes that organic is the way to go, even for entrepreneurs:

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