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5 things to expect at Entrepreneur Philippines\\\' Networking Night in Cebu

And how you can make the most out of the event
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Entrepreneur Philippines\\\' Networking Night - June 17, 2011Entrepreneur Philippines will make history on June 17 as it embarks on the first-ever Networking Night outside Metro Manila. Members of the Entrepreneur Philippines team--both print and website--will be in Cebu to mark this milestone along with speakers that will surely inspire many businessmen and budding entrepreneurs in the Visayas. Here are five things you can expect during the Networking Night on June 17.

1. Top-notch speakers. Cebuanos have proven time and again that with dedication and passion, and couple of tricks up their sleeves, they can make it big in business. Learn how Jay Aldeguer of Islands Souvenirs changed not only the souvenir concept in Cebu City but in the entire Philippines and even in neighboring countries. Find out how you can succeed during an economic slump and be inspired by Manny Osmeña of Manny O Wines. Find out why financial discipline coupled with a positive outlook can help you succeed from Rey Calooy of RNC Marketing. If you’re planning to establish a family business, get tips from Joseph Gandionco of Julie’s Bakeshop.

2. Enthusiastic entrepreneurs.
Whether you are just starting or seasoned businessman, interacting with fellow entrepreneurs is always a learning experience. Hundreds of businessmen are expected to attend Entrepreneur Philippines’ Networking Night. Take it as an opportunity to share your experiences and listen to the experience of others.

3. Potential business partners.
It would not be called networking night if it wasn’t about networking. This is the perfect time for you to unabashedly do a sales pitch about a business idea that you would want to start with a business partner who shares your passion and know-how. You may also end up finding businesses you can franchise or even finance.

4. A new market.
Do you think Cebu is promising enough to be the home of your new business venture? The networking night allows you to learn more about Cebu and doing business there from entrepreneurs who have actual business in the area. You can also learn a secret or two about how you can succeed by meeting the needs of the local market.

5. A friendly and accommodating staff.
Members of the Entrepreneur Philippines team will be right at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Cebu to welcome you during the Networking Night on June 17. “Since its networking night, they can network even with the staff of Entrepreneur Philippines and pitch their story ideas--even if it’s about their own store. If they have story ideas or know of emerging trends, they can point it out as well. They can also tell us what they like or not like about the magazine and the website so we can improve for the better,” Entrepreneur Philippines’ chief editor Leah del Castillo said.

Can\\\'t wait for Entrepreneur Philippines\\\' Networking Night in Cebu? Neither can we. Don\\\'t forget to pre-register by sending your name, age, business or occupation and contact details to before June 17. Bring a copy of the June issue of Entrepreneur Philippines magazine to get in for free.


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