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5 tips for the online advertiser

Advice on how to improve your online campaign.
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Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular holidays in the country and Pinoys will often turn to the Internet for inspiration and gift ideas. A look at searches conducted on shows searches for ‘Valentine’s’ rose, as well as searches for ‘poetry’, ‘flowers’ and ‘rings’. Clearly, Filipinos are looking to sweep their partners off their feet this Valentine\\\'s Day.

[related|post]So what can the savvy-business do to reach an audience looking for gift ideas? Why not tap into search advertising and make it easier for a potential customer, to find you, the business that holds the answer to their question -- what to get their loved one for Valentine’s?

Online advertising levels the playing field for all kinds of companies whether big or small.  Even companies that have no brick-and-mortar store can create awareness on their products through online advertising.

Here are a five tips on how to take your company and campaign online whether it’s for Valentine’s, Mother’s day, Father’s day, or couples celebrating their anniversary:


1.    Build a well-structured account. Does your company have different services and products, which all need to be advertised? Categorize your keywords to create tightly themed campaigns called ad groups in AdWords to target different audiences for the different services and products your business offers. Experiment with different keyword groups. Then, evaluate and tweak accordingly.

2.    Reach the right customers using keywords. Identifying the relevant keywords is essential to the success of your campaign. Anticipate your customers’ search behavior and choose ones that are most likely to lead potential customers to your ad. When in doubt, try the Keyword Tool, which provides a information on how many searches a specific keyword gets either locally or globally. Using relevant keywords also mean that your ads will have a better quality score, which will help surface your ad to the most relevant audience.

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