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5 tips to earn extra after the holiday season

Make customers spend their Aguinaldo!
5 tips to earn extra after the holiday season

Those -ber months leading up to Christmas are among the most profitable for businesses both big and small. But once the holiday rush slows down, the last weeks leading up to January can be a real struggle for retailers. Here are a few tips on how to avoid the post-holiday sales slump:

1. Keep in touch with your customer base
Spending face time with customers at bazaars is important, but you have to get some mileage from that great first impression when you follow up later on. Having dedicated avenues for communication can help give your brand that personal touch.

Luckily, resources like Globe myBusiness have a suite of solutions that entrepreneurs can afford without breaking the bank—whether that's a mobile or data plan within your budget, or a wireless Internet package for when you're running your business on the go.

2. Leverage on available technology
Technology is the great equalizer; going high-tech is no longer the domain of large-scale corporations. Even after the Christmas rush has ebbed, tapping the right resources can keep your momentum going strong.

Globe myBusiness has a catalogue of free-to-try apps available through the cloud that 'treps can use to help boost their business, like Second CRM to keep track of sales, FetchFans to engage customers, and SigBuzz to attach a professional business card to e-mails.

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