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5 ways to get attention for your home-based business

Make your product or service known the non-traditional way.
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When faced with the daunting task of marketing, home-based and freelance businesses are at a disadvantage—from a financial standpoint. And when regular means just won’t cut it, it’s time to try other methods. Make your product or service known the non-traditional way.

[related|post]To get your products noticed by your target market without having to cost you an arm and a leg, consider niche- marketing activities. They will allow you to advertise to the right people at the same time maximize your limited budget.

Your Existing Network


Rica Dalmacion, owner of Art & Soul Novelties, a stationery and novelty crafts business, used to work in the marketing department in one of the big corporations in the Philippines. Her professional experience allowed her to establish a network of contacts involved in marketing. This makes it easy for her to set meetings to present her products.

Aside from talking to the marketing team, talk to people involved in procurement and merchandising or promotions. While your existing contacts may not guarantee that you’ll get the deal, they can help you reach the person in-charge.

The Art of The Cold Call

Cold-calling involves touching base with prospective clients by making unexpected calls to people in the company you are trying to target.

“Research who makes the decisions in the company,” says Dalmacion, who does a lot of cold-calling, making calls one after another to big corporations such as bookstores and has been quite successful. “Ask whoever takes your call to direct you to the right people,” she says.  

Not all calls will be successful but persistence will get you places. The volume of calls you make or e-mails you farm out will determine your success. “When you send out a hundred letters and you get a callback from five or 10 interested clients, that’s a lot,” say Dalmacion.


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