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5 ways to make money online

These days, you can possibly make money even if you opt to stay at home. Here are five easy and fast ways to earn thousands of pesos online.
By KC Calpo and KC Calpo |

Physical (or brick-and-mortar) stores and retail establishments are now supplemented—or even replaced—by online counterparts. Budding entrepreneurs, solo workers, and moonlighters can now easily find many viable alternatives to full-time, part-time, or traditional employment that cross borders and time zones.

Sorting through all the tips and tricks available across the Internet can give you a whopper of a headache, so here is a quick roundup of opportunities you can easily find and grab.



1. Virtual storefronts
You have two options: use free online platforms to sell your products or shell out money for the self-hosted route.

Free online platforms like eBay Philippines, Etsy, or OLX (formerly let you focus on your products and customer relations rather than on building up the code or installing widgets. But for those who want complete control over their stores’ appearance, functionality, and backend, we recommend self-hosted online stores. You may have to contact a Web hosting service provider to set up such an online shop.

Moreover, there are online store solutions that can enable you to start your online store in an instant (like Uniqly and Tack This!) and initially for free. However, if you eventually prefer to move beyond their ‘basic’ packages that come with limitations, you may have to opt for their paid options (doing so may still not be too costly, though).



virtual store_1.png 


2. Content creation

Blogging is not a guaranteed moneymaker, especially when you want to grow your following organically, but it's still one way to make your presence felt online. Focus on what you know best, keep it personal and genuine, then the readers will come.

Digital ads can run on your website through Google AdSense or Nuffnang Philippines. You may sign up to have those ads appear on your site. You may earn per impression or click. To ensure higher returns, you have to work harder though to always keep your Web traffic high.

Guest blogging is a post written by guest bloggers. You may write and post blogs for other sites and get paid for doing so or enjoy the privilege to cross-promote your own blog in other sites.

Do stock photography and videos. Make extra income by offering your photos at platforms like Shutterstock, iStockPhoto, and/or Getty Images. You may also post photos at Flickr with the proper photo rights.




3. Daily discounts and exclusive deals

E-commerce sites specializing in time-sensitive discounts and members-only deals have raked in extra profits for the sites and their merchants. A short rundown: Groupon Philippines, Ensogo, Metrodeal, Deal Grocer, its retail partner Taste Central, CashCashPinoy, iGrab, and AVA. 





4. Social media
Explore special sections dedicated to using social media for business at,, or Today, some entrepreneurs also use social networking sites to promote and even sell merchandise to online users.




5. Online jobs
Full-time freelancers and employees looking to increase their monthly pay can bid for jobs online via job platforms like Upwork (formerly oDesk, which last year also merged with Elance), Freelancer, and/or 99Designs. Read the terms thoroughly, deliver quality output when it's needed, and you'll easily build a reputation as a reliable freelancer. 




Photos from Flickr (Sue Richards and Jason Howie ), Metrodeal, and eBay Philippines

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