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6 feng shui tips for restaurant owners

Tips from feng shui expert and Taoist spiritual minister
By Entrepreneur Staff |

Aside from architecture and interior design, there’s another discipline that could prove useful when planning the layout for your restaurant: feng shui or wind-water in English.

“In some cases, the positioning of equipment and furniture may be dictated by geomancy or feng shui,” says Architect Jeanne Mercado.

Here are some tips from Rev. Master Christopher Co, a feng shui expert and Taoist spiritual minister, that you may want to consider:


1. Because the fire element is involved in the restaurant business, dark colors are the most favorable for eateries that remain open until midnight. Light colors like blue, green, and pink work well for small canteen businesses.

2. It is best is not to place water dispensers or feng shui fountains near the cashier area to prevent the fire element from clashing with water.

3. The best directions will be north and south. East is OK, but avoid the western position.

4. The cashier is where the money is, so you may want to boost luck directly at the source. To encourage good sales, why not add a tray of assorted candies? Display a gold ingot with rice and a coin piece tucked inside to double your money and increase daily income.

5. Picking an auspicious date and time to open a business is important if you want to see it grow and prosper. The color and shape of the dining tables are key to attracting brisk sales. These will only be determined after consulting a feng shui compass.

6. For design recommendations specific to your location and type of restaurant, consult a feng shui expert who can make an assessment at the venue itself.


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