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6 steps to FDA certification

How to get your food product certified by the FDA
By Entrepreneur Staff |

Are you thinking of selling your product in the mainstream market? Well, aside from thinking of the packaging, the name, and the price, think about getting the approval of the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) first.

The FDA is the government regulating body that has authority over food products in the retail market, and all food products are required by law to have a certification from the agency. Aside from complying with what the law requires, getting an FDA certification also adds credibility to your product.

According to the FDA flowchart, product registration for processed food is scheduled every Monday. Here are the stages to obtain the agency’s approval.

1. Proceed to the Public Assistance Information & Compliance Section, and inquire about the requirements for FDA registration. Get an application form and prepare the necessary papers.

2. Documents will be assessed to determine the amount to be paid for the whole process. Applicant will be given a routing slip for the different stages of the FDA registration after payment.

3. At its Product Services Division, the FDA will evaluate the technical documents and labeling materials of the product.

4. FDA will proceed with the actual evaluation to be conducted by certified food technologists.

5. If the product meets FDA standards, it would be given a Certificate of Product Registration (CPR). Otherwise, it would be given a Letter of Denial (LOD) or a Notice of Deficiency (NOD).

6. The CPR, LOD and NOD are distributed at the Releasing Section of the FDA.


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