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6 tips to increase your insurance sales

Life insurance is a need but can be difficult to sell.
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There may be hundreds of life insurance companies in the country today but very few Filipinos understand the importance of life insurance in their lives. While life insurance is considered as a need, selling it can be one of the most difficult things to do. asked SunLife\\\'s Susan Lee for tips on how an insurance agent can increase her sales and be more efficient in her craft. Here are 6 helpful tips when selling life insurance:

[related|post]1.  Passion is the first step to achievement. To be able to sell one’s products, one must be passionate about them.

2.  Be persistent. Rejection is the rule rather than the exception in insurance selling. SunLife’s Susan Lee says one could persistently court the prospective client despite the initial rejection, or find other prospects instead.

3. Show up everyday. “Every day I go to work and talk to people on the importance of having life insurance,” Lee says.

4.  Keep improving. Lee searches for ways to keep learning and improving on her craft. She consistently attends industry and company training programs.

5. Accomplish more than what’s expected of you. The job is output-oriented and you are compensated by the value of insurance policies that you have sold.

6.  Always put yourself in the shoes of your clients. Lee says it helps if the insurance product you are selling precisely fits the needs and requirements of your clients.


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