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6 ways to boost your social media presence

Let Facebook and Twitter work to your advantage
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Online social media is the newest marketplace.  Whether you are a home-based business or a big international brand, you have to be where everyone else is at--virtually, at least.

The most popular tools of social media in the Philippines remain to be Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. A lot of entrepreneurs, however, fail to utilize these tools to their full capacity.

Gail Goodman, a columnist for in the US, shares six tips on how an entrepreneur can tap these tools of social media to their advantage.

“Of the 140 million tweets on Twitter that are posted every day, 92 percent of retweets happen in the first 60 minutes. Content also churns over on Facebook, where the site\\\'s more than 500 million users help businesses extend the reach of their campaigns by clicking the "Like" button,” said Goodman on her column, emphasizing how powerful social media can be in disseminating information about your brand.

To efficiently boost your online presence, here are the six tips Goodman shared.


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