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7 ways to market your business

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By Rhea S. Hermoso-Prudente |

So your business is finally in place. You have already produced your initial product batch, or have your service processes ready.


You can\\\'t wait for the date you can finally fling open your doors for business. But while waiting, have you paused to consider if your market has been amply prepared for your coming? In other words, have you informed them of your company\\\'s existence? If people don\\\'t know about you, then no matter how good your product or service is, you will not succeed.  That is why you need a good marketing and sales strategy.


Here are seven ways to market your business:


1. Media Advertising

- including print ads, TV commercials, and radio spots. Take note that taking out a media ad may not always be the best way to reach your market, especially if you are selling to a niche.  Whenever you come up with an ad, make sure that your message is clear, and it speaks to your target.


2. Brochures or flyers

-you can create inexpensive leaflets with all the pertinent information and hand these out to people. Make sure that your graphics and text are short and catchy, and don\\\'t forget to include how people can reach you or where they can buy your product.


3. Promotional items

-these include T-shirts, notepads, caps, mugs, and other useful items printed with your logo or company name, and given out to potential or current customers. Studies show that this method keeps you top-of-mind, particularly if the item you give away is useful and unique.



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