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Make Money from Home

There\\\'s no need to leave home sweet home to earn a living. Find out how in the June 2010 issue of Entrepreneur Philippines Magazine
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This June, Entrepreneur Philippines Magazine features home-based businesses that worked.


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These business ideas included web development, event coordination, baby accessories, online dessert store, laundry shop and shoe retail.

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Husband and wife team Mark and Gail Villanueva of Sheero Media, a home-based Web development company, candidly shared their experiences as entrepreneurs working in their home/office. They related an incident when their office dogs (two shih tzus) started barking when a client called.


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Meanwhile, interior designers Bie Magalong and Cookie Bombais of Scintilla Events, a home-based event coordinating company, said they started their business because friends and families were already asking them both to coordinate.

These and more home-based businesses are featured in the June 2010 edition.

As a bonus, it also gave six steps to set up a business at home.

Besides making money from home, Entrepreneur Philippines also takes you to Baguio City, the Summer Capital of the Philippines, and the thriving business in this city of more than 300,000 population.


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The City of Pines\\\' unique vibe has nurtured several businesses that capitalized on the fact that Baguio is a major tourist draw. The cool climate, the interesting mix of urban and laidback lifestyles made Baguio a location for "hot businesses" and let enterprising Pinoys set up shop.

Also, find out 10 easy on the pocket business concepts as well as smart business ideas.


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These stories, tips and more are inside the pages of the June issue. Grab a copy now from your favorite newsstands and bookstores.

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