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A mini workstation wherever you go

A great alternative for entrepreneurs on the move.
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It is crunch time for your latest project and you need to keep your productivity level up to meet your deadline. Unfortunately, you will be out of the office practically the whole day for meetings and you can\\\'t bring your workstation with you while your old laptop is practically unusable.


Next time consider getting the Acer Iconia Tab W510 tablet PC. The Acer Iconia tab is no ordinary tablet, it is like bringing a mini workstation with you- whether for work or for life.  This mobile productivity tool is equipped with the newest operating system- Windows 8. This tablet is convertible, lightweight and can last an amazing nine hours on battery.


Its striking competitive advantage is its tri-mode usability, where it can go from tablet mode to productivity mode and presentation mode. You can twist the screen by 295 degress for comfortable browsing, presentation or video watching.


In case you forget your USB, the Acer Iconia\\\'s 32 GB embedded multimedia card (MMC) has got you covered. Be it for photos, video or any office document, the MMC can store it temporarily until you can transder it to a bigger hard drive for safekeeping.



For entrepreneurs that spend most of their time attending meetings or being out of the office, another productivity advantage for the Iconia Tab is being able to seamlessly connect to the internet.  Thanks in large part to the Acer InviLink Nplify 802 LAN capability that translates to uninterrupted web connection.  Other productivity features include the front and rear crystal eye high definition web cameras for both audio and video recording, a micro SD card reader, a micro USB 2.0 port and a USB 2.0 port for connecting other peripherals that make the Iconia Tab W510 a true digital workhorse.


"It is no surprise to us that today\\\'s IT products are now designed to answer the various IT needs of demanding users today. For businesses who look at productivity as main driver for its growth, IT products are now an absolute necessity and would always be at the top of their wish lists," says Manuel Wong, general manager of Acer Philippines Inc.



To know more about the Acer Iconia Tab W510, check out their website or shop for products online here.

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