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A trip to Divisoria

A simple guide to finding what you need in the bustling shopping district
By Rafael Santos |
<>Native handicrafts, giveaways, and other knickknacks:

Tabora St. is also home to a host of shops that sell figurines, native goodies, and home decors. Just visit some of the shopping buildings, where you are bound to find ribbon shops, lace, and even sewing materials. The New Divisoria Mall and its adjacent streets are also home to some shops that sell DIY home crafts, like curtains, tassels, even cross stitching supplies.

Fashion accessories

The ground level of the New Divisoria Mall, near Tabora and Chavez St., is a maze of fashion accessories stores, where you can find everything from pins, ribbons, clips, and other stuff. Makeup, lipstick, nail polish as well as dryers, hair blowers and the like are also available here.

Divisoria is in the heart of downtown Manila, and there are many transport services that ply the area. There are jeepneys from Recto St. that go straight to the Divisoria district, a train service that will take you to Carriedo St. which is a stone’s throw away, and numerous pedicabs that ferry passengers to and from Divisoria. But before you go on a shopping spree, remember to take note of these things:


1. Have a specific budget for items in your shopping list. Although there are many banks that have ATM service in the area, it is still best to have a ballpark figure in your head before you start shopping. This not only helps you stay within your financial limits, but also saves you the hassle of lining up in an ATM booth in a place crawling with foot traffic.

2. If you’re a first-timer, it’s best to bring a friend, or a map at least. It would be nice to discover Divisoria on your own, but in truth, the shopping district is a big place to cover, with a myriad of streets and alleys that crisscross in between. Getting lost will cost you precious time, and may lead you to danger if you’re not careful.

3. Keep your valuables safe, and dress casually. Dress light, because Divisoria is full of people, and you’ll probably have to squeeze your way through the streets on a busy day. The crowd of people also gives rise to some petty thievery, so it’s best to keep your valuables close to you, and keep a close lookout for suspicious looking people.


4. Beware of unscrupulous vendors. Make sure to stay within reasonable prices and try not to get suckered by a sweet talking salesperson. Also, keep an eye out for pushy vendors, some of whom will attempt to intimidate you into purchasing their products.

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