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Advantages to protecting your product\\\'s design

Safeguard your product\\\'s unique design
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As an entrepreneur, you work hard to develop your product and sell it. If your goods has a unique ornamental or aesthetic aspect, it is to your advantage to have its industrial design protected by intellectual property law by registering it with the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines.


This will prevent your design from unauthorized making, selling and importing by third parties.


The benefits also includes:


1. By registering a design you are able to prevent it from being copied and imitated by competitors, and thereby strengthen your competitive position


2. Registering a valuable design contributes to obtaining a fair return on investment made in creating and marketing the relevant product and thereby improves your profits


3. Industrial designs are business assets that can increase the commercial value of a company and its products. The more successful a design, the higher is its value for the company.


4. A protected design may also be licensed to others for a fee. By licensing it, you may be able to enter markets that you are otherwise unable to serve.



5. Registration of industrial designs encourages fair competition and honest trade practices, which promote the production of a diverse range of aesthetically attractive products.


For more information on registering your industrial design and trademark in the Philippines, check out the Intellectual Property Center web site at

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