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Adwords for video helps you measure online impact

Building a brand online is about creating authentic connections with your audience.
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Building a brand online is about creating authentic connections with your audience. Since launching AdWords for video last year, Google has helped more brands capture the power of sight, sound, and motion in a simple and easy way. Today, they are helping brands further understand the impact of their campaigns by bringing three new measurement features to AdWords for video that make reporting more consistent with other media and goal-oriented.


Reach & Frequency Reporting: Speak the same measurement language across media

AdWords for video now displays reach and frequency metrics in your campaign reporting interface. These metrics give you more insight into how many unique viewers have seen your ad and the average number of times they’ve seen it, helping you better measure against other media such as TV. To view these metrics on a campaign, ad or targeting group level, just click on Columns >> Customize Columns and look under the Performance section.


Column Sets: Define your marketing goals and metrics

To help you organize the metrics that matter most to your campaign, there is the Column Sets feature which groups relevant metrics by marketing objective. So all you need to do is select your advertising goal and we’ll show you useful reporting columns for your account. For example:


●     Want to build brand awareness? Select the Branding objective in the “Columns” drop down to see how broadly your video ad was viewed. It will automatically show unique viewers, average view frequency and average impression frequency.


●     Want to optimize for conversions? Select the Website Traffic and Conversions objective to see how your video ads drove viewers to action. It will show website traffic, number of conversions, cost-per-conversion, and your conversion rate from people who viewed your ad.



●     Want to grow your audience? Select the Audience objective to understand how your video ads drove people to watch and engage with more of the content. It will indicate follow-on subscribers and follow-on views.


●     Want to drive more views? Select the Views objective to understand the follow-on actions viewers take such as when a viewer goes to your channel to watch more videos. It will show you follow-on views and unique viewers.


GeoMap: Visualize your views

Where in the world are your views coming from? With the new AdWords for video visualization feature, you can tell with a mere glance. Just select the Campaign tab and click “Map View” to generate a beautiful snapshot that displays view activity on an interactive map. You can even click on regions to drill down to states and provinces globally, and to the DMA-level in the United States. These geographic insights can help you understand which of your ad messages are resonating with specific markets.

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