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Bamboo and its flexibility

There are more uses to bamboo than one has ever thought. A little more fine tuning and a bit of marketing, this can be the next export gold.
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There are many uses of bamboo – from chopsticks, to picket fences, plant support, and in most Southeast Asian countries, as houses. However, these uses of bamboo do not exactly add value to the product, as it is being used for its very obvious purposes, still as a raw product.

There is no problem with bamboo used as it is, only that the value of the end product is very minimal, making it an unprofitable product.

In the northern province of Abra, Carlo Antonio Balneg decided that there is more to the bamboo that what its obvious uses are. In entrepreneurship, it is what we call value-added.

Instead of selling raw products, value is added to the products by processing and further development of the products before they are sold to the market. In the case of Balneg, he polished and made products from bamboo, such as trays, placemats, lounge chairs, planters, and coffee tables.

Bamboo is one of the more versatile raw materials easily available around. Its various uses make it an ideal product. However, bamboo has not been that developed in the country and its full potential untapped.

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