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Be an entrepreneur by consigning your products online helps Filipinos become entrepreneurs
By Carlo P. Mallo |

Starting a business is on everyone’s resolution this year. But starting an actual store, complete with branding, window displays, employees, and inventory is not an option for a lot of people. That is why, starting online is a great option to get your products out in the market and for you to get a grasp of how people feel about it.

[related|post]One more thing about starting online is that you don’t have to give up your day job for it or, if you are home-based, leave the comforts of your home. Aside from starting your own online store on one of the many social networking sites, did you know that you can start your online presence by consigning your products to an online shopping site dedicated for Filipinos? asked Regine Rafael of to share how Filipinos can start their entrepreneurial journey by consigning their products.

1. Why should entrepreneurs consign their products to SpeedRegalo?

Start up entrepreneurs would especially benefit from consigning their products to SpeedRegalo because they don’t have to worry about shipping their items to paying customers—we handle all of that for them! Also, it’s a free marketing tool that they can use to get their name and their products out there. Also, a great supplier relationship is important to us at SpeedRegalo, and we continue striving to make sure our suppliers are happy with our services as well, ensuring them that we deliver their products in quality fashion.

2. What are the things that an entrepreneur must look for in a shopping website before they consign their products?

I believe that before any budding entrepreneur looks to consign their products to a website, they should look at its interface first and foremost. They should feel comfortable with featuring their own products on the website, and feel comfortable having their products associated with it, since it will be one of their selling platforms. Also, I feel that before picking just any website to consign their products to, the entrepreneur must be confident that this website can really help them in marketing their product—whether it is through social media marketing, or other tools.

3. For entrepreneurs, how big is the market of SpeedRegalo?

Since SpeedRegalo is an online shopping website, the access is unlimited. Anyone anywhere around the world who has access to a computer with internet connection can view the SpeedRegalo website, and everything that it has to offer. The sky is the limit!


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