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Building a homegrown premium brand

Premium retail is different.
By Carlo P. Mallo |

Tyler is a store known and frequented by the highly discriminating segment of the market whose portfolio includes both money and class.


A local brand and one that is fully produced in the Philippines, from the drawing board to its execution, Tyler is one niche brand that is preferred by a very delicate segment of the market, just as delicate as knits and silks are.


Purchased by GOLDEN ABC Inc.  in May this year, Tyler is now under the company that has Penshoppe, Regatta, Forme, Memo and Oxygen among its roster of brands.


But what makes Tyler the iconic brand that it is among its niche clientele? Certainly, one of it is its exclusivity. The brand has only four stores throughout the country, all of which are located in Metro Manila.


“Tyler is a very iconic brand. They have four stores and it has remained four stores. He (previous owner) didn\\\'t want to expand; he felt that it\\\'s going to dilute the novelty of the brand and the exclusivity,” said Bernido Liu, president of GOLDEN ABC Inc.



And to maintain the air of exclusivity of Tyler, the company plans to expand the brand but not in the same way as most of its brands are expanding.


“Maybe looking at one or two stores a year starting next year perhaps, and that\\\'s about it,” said Liu.


While it remains vague how fast or slow Tyler will open another branch now that it is under new management, definitely, Tyler will not stay with only four stores for long.


He says,“We\\\'re just taking our time. We\\\'re not rushing. Premium retail is different. The psyche of that kind of customer is that they don\\\'t want their purchases to be publicly displayed. It\\\'s wrapped in the backroom. It\\\'s different. But it doesn\\\'t change the fundamentals of retailing. It\\\'s still retailing, but in a different level.”

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