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Business and pleasure

A list of 10 must-try restaurants that fit a start-up entrepreneur\\\'s budget
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Meetings, either with employees , business partners or clients , are part of an entrepreneur’s day.

Also sometimes, entrepreneurs just have to take their work on the road, by meeting with clients and partners at a café or treating hardworking employees to a good meal.

But with rising costs, entrepreneurs must have a ready list of restaurants where they can get value for their money .

Here are top 10 restaurants – arranged according to average meal cost per person—in the metropolis that Entrepreneur tested to make sure they would fit a modest budget for a night (or midday) out on the town.

The under P500 category

1.    Ardi’s

Best for: A night-out treat for partners or clients
Place: Cozy and frequented by executives and their upwardly mobile employees
Draw: Entertainment as the bar features live bands with different repertoires. There’s also a KTV room that can double as a poker room for P5,000 consumable.
Price: Beer Below Zero drinks- P40 during happy hour promo from 4 to 6 p.m.
Brazilian Rib-Eye - P200+
Exotic cuisine such as Tapang Usa (cured deer meat)  P220
Tip: One must-try on their menu is the Bangus in Japanese Mayo

148 Jupiter St.,
Bel-Air, Makati
(02) 895-8176

2. Bagoong Club

Best For: Foreign partners or clients who want to try true Filipino Cuisine
Place: A quaint restaurant far enough from the hustle and bustle of Tomas Morato Avenue
Draw: The restaurant sticks to Filipino classics, but offers them in inter-regional combinations.
Price: A sampler of six types of Bagoong –P100
Bestseller Bulalo sa Munggo –P290
Ukoy ( a tower of crispy kamote, carrot, green bean strips with suahe, all sprinkled with bagoong powder) – P190
Inihaw na Pusit na Busog sa Bopis –P280
Ginataang hubad na Kuhol at Malunggay –P190
Choco Chocnut Cake –P130
Pastillas de leche Cheesecake –P150
Tip: The servings can be shared by up to three people

Bagoong Club
122 Sct. Lazcano St.,
Brgy. Sacred Heart, Quezon City
(02) 929-0544; (02) 929-5450



3. Gram’s Diner

Best For: Casual breakfast meetings and brainstorm sessions
Place: Casual
Draw: Known for comfort food and also offers all-day breakfasts
Price: Eggs Benedict (poached eggs with special sauce and served on buns) - P215
Lunch menu  - P175 (pork chops) to P275 (roast beef). This comes with soup, rice, iced tea and a cup of coffee.
Lunch menu (without rice but with pasta options) – P185 to P285
Tip: Must-try is their own version of Pinoy tapa – crispy, chewy, and not sea-salty

Grams’ Diner
Rockwell Drive Rockwell Center, Makati, (02) 403-0122
The Loop, ABS-CBN Broadcast Center, Quezon City, (02) 412-2871
Exportbank Building, Makati


4.Peri Peri Grill House

Best For: A large, hungry group
Place: Popular for their chicken specialties
Their Portuegese-style grilled chicken is touted to be healthier and more intensely flavorful than their usual order of fried chicken and gravy.
Price: Whole chicken (good for five people) – P480
Combo-style options include Peri Chicken and Parmesan Crusted Fish –P250
Peri Chicken and Ribs  - P320
Peri Chicken and Shrimp Skewer –P295
Tip: Add P50 and you will get a snack-sized taco platter and an order of iced tea for the combo-style options

Peri Peri Grill House

Greenhills Promenade,
San Juan
(02) 725-5270

Peri Peri Charcoal Chicken
SM City North Edsa


Best For: A treat for employees after a long day at work
Place: A mod version of a train station
Draw: One of the first few establishments that opened 24/7
Price: Morning Heavyweight (a large corned beef hash, two fried eggs, two servings of garlic rice, tomatoes and coffee or tea) – P255.
Whistle-izza (open-faced mini tacos)- P175
Sizzling Gambas –P220
Whistlestop Beef Salpicao –P250
Tip: Food items that are above P200 are good for two people, and ice-cold beer is at P35 a bottle.

28 Jupiter St.,
Makati City
(02) 896-1989


Page 2: The P600 and P1,00 category

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