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Choosing to be an entrepreneur

Your conviction will be the wellspring that refreshes you on the long road to success.
By Brian Quebengco |

Once you’ve made the choice to become an entrepreneur, your conviction will be the wellspring that refreshes you on the long road to success.

[related|post]Over the years, researchers have tried to find reasons as to what gives rise to an entrepreneur. Yet no single documented event can be said as the factor to have influenced someone into becoming an entrepreneur. You can start with nothing and still emerge as a successful entrepreneur, whereas you can start off in life with any number of advantages and achieve little or nothing of value.

But there is one important moment that cuts across all the patterns and data; it’s that point when someone makes the crucial choice to become an entrepreneur. Once you believe you are the instrument, you will begin to see that you are.  This is the hidden strength that people summon within themselves to make that life-altering choice of sacrifice and hardship for something deeper and more meaningful.  



“Give me a place to stand and I will move the world,” announced Archimedes, over two thousand years ago. Like the great Greek genius, you must believe that you can be that instrument of change, before any change can occur.  This inner belief that no science or data can compress and define is your hidden strength. We can only simply respect its natural force as it happens.

Entrepreneurs, therefore, emerge from within themselves.  They match their inner perception with the outer situation.  The only question that remains, for you, is:  How can I make it happen?

Take responsibility
Each of us steps into the role of being an entrepreneur. We take responsibility first for directing our own lives.  But as we continue to draw on ourselves and find ways to make our vision happen, we will eventually find that other people are turning to us for guidance. This is how entrepreneurs become an inspiration to many.



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