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City Delivery: A tale of delivering success

Third party delivery system was based on a similar concept in Shanghai.
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It’s taking Metro Manila by storm. City Delivery now enables everyone to have that dish from the restaurant delivered into their homes, offices, and even schools. Yes, you heard it right, restaurants.

With City Delivery in the picture, food delivery is no longer limited to the quick services restaurants or fast food. If you work or live in Mandaluyong, there’s no need for you to brave the rush hour along EDSA just to grab a bite of your favorite restaurant in Makati or Quezon City. It’s just a phone call away.

Talking to, Ashley Co Kehyeng, managing partner of City Delivery shares the story of their company – from conceptualizing the business, to making it an effective business model for the Filipino market. City Delivery has had its share of growing pains and challenges, but what makes this business concept unique is its continuous innovation, a move that is now changing the food and beverage industry in Metro Manila.

Being a food business, and as is the case in most, City Delivery started with a simple exchange of ideas from the Co Kehyeng Family over dinner, on what they can do as a business together. Based on the concept in Shanghai, Co Kehyeng thought of the business as something that was also feasible in the country, especially in Metro Manila. Inspired by the trips of Ashley Co Kehyeng while working in Shanghai, where he experienced ordering through a third party delivery system to have his dinner every night, City Delivery was born on December 8, 2009.

It’s been two years since City Delivery started and the company has now more than 180 restaurant listed in its service. The company has also created City Bites, a publication that has menu listings from their partner restaurants, as well as, features and reviews from writers and other lifestyle brands. Due to the increasing demand in North and South of Metro Manila we established our hubs to better serve our customers.

Introducing a concept to the Filipino market is a risk entrepreneurs have to do.

“We banked on the Filipinos’ love for food. It is the key inspiration for this business, we want to enjoy food and we want our customers to do the same and this is through letting them eat what they want at almost any place they can imagine.” Co Kehyeng said. “We also know the importance of convenience and how everything is fast phased nowadays and City Delivery promises to merge both good food and convenience in its service.”

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