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Coming together at Briggy Hall

Building on the concept of community, Briggy Hall provides home-based food vendors a physical place to do business.
By Lalah Varias |
<>Identify the right target market Briggy Hall targets two markets: diners and entrepreneurs who will set up shop in the community café. For the latter, home-based bakers and cooks were the initial targets, but according to Aguiling, it was diffi cult to convince them to invest in a store space, so Briggy Hall revised its strategy. “We needed to tap those who have already made the commitment to take the risk of jumping from their comfort zone. At the same time, we had to adjust our packages to accommodate even those who are in the product development stage,” she explains.


Find the right location


“Location is key,” says Aguiling, who considers finding one a critical step in developing the business. As they needed a place that would foster healthy competition and harmony among start-ups, she narrowed down her choices to the Kapitolyo district in Pasig, Teachers Village in Quezon City, and Guijo Street in Makati, where small businesses have flourished in recent years. She settled on Kapitolyo when she saw an available space along a main road in its East Capitol area, which she describes as a community-driven place and a foodie avenue.



Do creative fundraising


Aguiling raised about P500,000 for the venture but had to be creative in sourcing the money, claiming that access to business funds nowadays is easier. Her investment was a mix of savings, a loan from a relative, and non-collateral personal loans from banks.


While opening other Briggy Hall branches is part of her future plans, Aguiling is currently focused on developing an online program to help improve Filipinos’ livelihood. She says: “We’d like to be able to launch our program on sharing business knowledge online to improve the Filipino’s capacity to think out of the box.”

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