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Do you know what you are selling?

11 questions that will help you understand your product
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It sounds silly to ask if you know what you’re selling. But really, have you mapped out the features and benefits of what you sell, whether it’s a product, a service, or even a dream?


Making a list of key information on what you’re selling also has other uses. It helps in creating advertising brochures, sales training materials, direct mail letters, and sales presentations, says Emjae Johnson of “All of these are part of your plan for a unique sales strategy,” she adds.

Below, acording to Johnson, are questions that you need to ponder to help you figure out the answer to “What are you selling?”

1. Are you selling a product, a service or both?

2. What is the most complete list of all the features and benefits of what you are selling?

3. Is what you sell so new or unique that it has few or no competitors?

4. What is the most attractive feature or benefit of what you sell that makes it stand out from all your competitors?

5. Is your product or service considered seasonal?

6. Does your product or service generate repetitive sales, or is it a one-time deal?

7. If there are products similar to yours, how does your offering differ? Is it by price? How it’s made or delivered?

8. Is what you sell a standalone product (such as a child\\\'s game) or does it need the support of another product (such as an oil filter for a particular kind of car?)

9. How can you describe your product or service? (Include details like speed of service, sizes, flavors, trim levels, available languages, colors and scents, benefits to the customer.)

10. What services (if any) are a go-along benefit to what you’re selling?

11. If you sell a high-priced item, how many convenient ways do you offer for a customer to pay?


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