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Dockers: How ads establish a brand

To be the \\\'early bird that gets the worm\\\' is possible with the help of strategic and aggressive advertising.
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Talk about khaki and there is only one brand that comes to mind: Dockers. But there are more than a hundred brands of khaki out there but it seems that Dockers has been equated to khakis and vice versa.

Talking to Rhea Akil, senior marketing executive of Dockers, she explains that the ads of Dockers through the years helped them achieve the goal of being the top of mind answer when it comes to khaki.

“Based on our research, khaki is already synonymous with the Dockers brand.  In fact, other companies do not use the term ‘khaki’ to define similarly made products since it is already strongly associated with Dockers,” Akil adds.

Dockers in fact built the category and it enjoys ‘first mover advantage’ over its competitors.  Simply put, it’s the ‘early bird that got the worm’.
In marketing, first mover advantage refers to the market pioneer. In this case, Dockers is the first brand to aggressively market khaki as a lifestyle and not merely as a pair of pants.

“Creating awareness for the Dockers brand and its product line has always been a visual exercise for the brand.  It is central in the creation of its equity that consumers are able to see and appreciate what the brand offers through its advertising efforts, which is largely in the realm of TV and print advertising,” Akil says.

Currently, Dockers is also exploring new media as a means for further increasing reach and allowing prospective consumers to see and enjoy what the brand has to offer through its use.

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