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Don\\\'t scrimp on email services for your business

Free email is often plagued with spam, security, capacity and connectivity issues.
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Doing business today calls for the use of technology to communicate to anyone, anywhere in the world and to drive sales effectively. Like large companies, small business owners have already recognized this so they’ve joined the Internet bandwagon by connecting with their valued customers and suppliers through the Web, especially via email.


But unlike their large counterparts, most small business owners opt for free email hosting because it is cheap and easily acquired. What do they not know is that free email is often plagued with spam, security, capacity and connectivity issues --- things that they do not have the time and extra resources to deal with.  


One solution to these bundle of problems is by using hosted emails. An example is Microsoft Exchange, a professional business email communication service that is now readily available to small businesses with even at least five employees only.

DataOne Asia Philippines, the leading independent provider of managed IT services, is offering Microsoft Exchange through its cloud enterprise product, CloudSecure. The service aims to provide small and medium businesses (SMBs) with a highly-secure and affordable, professional email domain that comes with expert round-the-clock local support.


Cyril Rocke, DataOne Asia’s president and chief executive officer, explained the headaches brought about by free email hosting. For instance, free email hosts are the usual targets of spam mail or those unwanted emails which bring harmful viruses and malware and infect the email account, a problem that a small business owner does not have the time to attend to.

“A hosted email like Microsoft Exchange has a multi-level anti-spam feature that is similar to a water purifier. Microsoft Exchange coupled with CloudSecure’s enterprise-grade security applications has seven layers, while the free email hosting, you don’t even know how adequate their mechanism for scanning is. This powerful built-in anti-spam feature detects and prevents malicious content from going through,” said Rocke.

“CloudSecure and Microsoft Exchange’s anti-spam feature is so powerful that it blocks an average of 5,000 spam mails for a company of 20 employees in a single month, which is staggering.  Remember, even a single virus brought by spam can wreak havoc to any business.”

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