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EFI Sales Affiliate Program: A good opportunity for a lucrative sales career

Esquire Financing Inc (EFI) is opening an opportunity to anyone who wants to earn commission from selling loan products. Its Sales Affiliate Program comes with a set of advantages that can be difficult to resist.
By James Humarang |
EFI Sales Affiliate Program: A good opportunity for a lucrative sales career
<>In its commitment to further reach out to more entrepreneurs who intend to start small businesses despite lack of capital, Esquire Financing Inc (EFI) is tapping the sales potential of just about anyone who is interested to fill the job of agents. The financing firm aims to empower not just entrepreneurs but also sales people who could bridge the gap between the lender and prospective borrowers/clients. Thus, it has launched its Sales Affiliate Program.

Through this initiative, EFI is developing and training its new sales force, equipping team members with the right knowledge, skills, and principles to carry the tasks and responsibilities of being reliable sales people. If you are not familiar about sales methods, effective communication techniques, and the dynamics of credit evaluation, the company provides the necessary training.

Why join the program?

EFI’s Sales Affiliate Program is for the experienced sales professionals as well as the motivated newbies. It allows unlimited income potential through commission earned. Unlike most sales gigs, the sales affiliates are neither overwhelmed by the pressure of meeting quotas for volume and amount of loans released, nor limited by a maximum total loan amount that can be released to their clients during any period.

The program also offers flexible working hours, making it an ideal income opportunity for people who plan on taking it as a side job. Sales affiliates could opt to work at the EFI office or at home. They would not have to report to work every day and maintain shifts or schedules throughout the day.

The job entails meeting prospective clients and business partners through attendance in sponsored/invitational expos and events, which brings about the opportunity for you to set up and grow your own network.  Of course, the job is enriching knowing that you can possibly help entrepreneurs and businesses grow by leading them to an ideal financing source.

Moreover, EFI has a supportive and generous management, which helps bring about the full potential in every Sales Affiliate. All affiliates can approach officers and other personnel within the company for support and assistance through the entire process of prospecting up to closing the deal.     

Lastly, an effective Sales Affiliate could be rewarded by being ‘promoted’ to become a Sales Partner. Upon being named Sales Partner, he can now recruit his own sales affiliates and generate additional commission from their loan releases.
Becoming a sales affiliate

Anyone who is interested to learn and to sell loans to other people is welcome to enlist into EFI’s Sales Affiliate Program. Those who are running their own businesses or those who are currently employed by other companies are welcome to join.

Interested individuals who are willing to become Sales Affiliates could simply submit their résumés through the email address provided in the company’s online site. They can even call or text any designated EFI personnel or even make inquiries through the firm’s Facebook page.

An EFI representative would then contact the applicant to inform him/her of the schedules for initial training, which is required of everyone who intends to get into the program. There is a training session held every week to accommodate as many candidates who are willing to undergo the process to eventually become an effective loan agent.

After this basic process, each new Sales Affiliate would be provided with necessary marketing collateral. Occasionally, the company provides more leads to its affiliates to help them further grow their marketing network. These loan applications are then forwarded to Operations for prompt processing.

It only takes a healthy mix of determination and persistence to make things happen for one to get started on Esquire’s Sales Affiliate Program. Interested individuals can inquire for more details through the online directory listing of Esquire Financing Inc here .      


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