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Facebook your way to a better tax system

NGO launches Facebook page for taxation feedback and suggestions
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Are you a tech-savvy entrepreneur who has yet to fully understand the Philippine tax system? Worry no more. Rock Ed Philippines, a non-government organization that pushes education via alternative means, has a Facebook page just for you.

Rock Ed launched Dear BIR to be a depository of suggestions and feedback from taxpayers who want to share their thoughts and experiences to the Bureau of Internal Revenue.

"Write about your experiences in paying taxes, and share thoughtful suggestions on how to improve the system," Rock Ed said in an encouraging first message to Dear BIR\\\'s followers. "We will moderate and gather your posts, and send them directly to the Bureau of Internal Revenue."

Since its launch just a few hours ago, over 40 Facebook users have started following the page but we\\\'re pretty sure membership will soar especially with the April 15 deadline on the filing of income tax returns.

Here are some feedbacks posted on the page so far:

"I recommend also a sort of tutorial or workshop on Tax 101. The topic itself is pretty extensive, but if the BIR can help taxpayers understand the basics of it, how it works and what they need to do every year (filing, etc.), I think it would make things easier." – Kat

"Yes, sana may basic taxation guide man lang. Last year, I received a tax refund from my previous employer. They said my previous employer deducted too much, then I got a nasty surprise that I owe almost 15k on taxes. Sheesh!" – Roxanne

"Dear BIR, when are you planning to amend the outdated NIRC once and for all? So many revenue regulations make tax law so cluttered!" – Vida

Want to send your suggestions and feedback on taxation to the BIR? Like Dear BIR on Facebook now.


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