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Feng Shui forecast for business in the Year of the Metal Rabbit

Find out which businesses will prosper and which ones must take extra caution this year
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If the Feng Shui experts are right, this will be the year that we will see the stock market rally to all time highs and the entertainment industry, well, entertaining.

Most Feng Shui experts see the 2011, the year of the Metal Rabbit, as a bright year for the stock market, the entertainment industry, lighting, restaurants and other businesses that have the element of fire.

“The stock market is promising especially during the summer period,” one Feng Shui expert quipped. “There will be plenty of opportunities as the financial system continuous to look optimistic this year.”

Industries that have the earth element are seen to have a good outlook this year. Property, real estate, building, construction, and hotels, to name a few, will also have plenty of opportunities during the year of the metal rabbit.

However, Feng Shui experts warned that entrepreneurs who are engaged in these businesses, or those who plan to, should “go slowly in order to make the right decisions.”

Investors should also refrain from taking too many risks.

Although water is said to be in contradiction with the metal element, businesses with the water element is seen to have a good year during the year of the metal rabbit. Banking, shipping, transport, alcohol, and fishing will be having a good year due to an auspicious star that brings hidden wealth luck.

“Bargains will be available for investors. But they must only take calculated risks,” a Feng Shui expert advised.

While in the same element with the year, industries with the metal element are only seen to have a competitive outlook this year – in layman’s terms, nothing spectacular.

The metal element is seen in businesses like mining, jewelry, white goods, computers, and airlines. People who are engaged in any of the said businesses are strongly discouraged from taking any “direct combative competition.”

“There will be a need for creative strategies on the business approach,” a Feng Shui expert suggested.

Agriculture, plantations, flowers, plants, publishing, and other businesses with the wood element have a discouraging outlook for the year of the metal rabbit.

“There will be little wealth luck and profit in these businesses as markets are expected to slow down for these products. These businesses must diversify to survive.”

However, the Feng Shui expert added that hard work and perseverance are still the two traits that will pay off, no matter what year it is and what industry your business may belong to.

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