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Feng Shui + Frugality = Success for Chinoy Entrepreneur

The true secret of the Chinoy success does not lie in the feng shui charms alone
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Aside from demonstrating the expected entrepreneurial virtues of persistence and hard work, Caroline Tanchay, a Filipino Chinese entrepreneur also practices traditional Chinese beliefs such as feng shui, the belief and practice of positioning objects according to the flow of chi, the life force in Chinese tradition.

“I make sure that good feng shui is always created both in my work and home environment by proper arrangement of the flow of energy in a way that attracts good health, happiness and prosperity,” she explains.

Yet her belief in traditional virtues and practices doesn’t stop Tanchay from also adapting to the modern business world.

“Filipino-Chinese today know how to make the most out of technology and are moving with the times and trends and don’t let themselves get left behind,” she says forcefully. “We also incorporate technology in streamlining business practices and activities to be more effective in both time and cost. And also, times have taught the modern entrepreneur to be flexible and to multi-task.”

Like most Filipino-Chinese, and to the rest of the Filipino community, the concept of feng shui is something that is just part of their daily lives – whether in business or in their personal lives. However, more than the red lanterns, the glistening gold charms, and other things that feng shui experts suggest to be put up, what makes a Filipino Chinese entrepreneur succeed is their frugality.

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