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Feng shui tips for the year of the dragon

Feng shui is a popular practice based on the Chinese system of geomancy.
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According to feng shui, the Year of the Water Dragon promises a lot of change. Feng shui is a popular practice used by businessmen here in the country that is based on the Chinese system of geomancy. It is believed to attract good luck and wealth.


[related|post]Following the Chinese calendar, the year of the dragon begins today until February 9, 2013. It is considered one of the luckiest symbols in feng shui. Birth rates in China usually increase during the year of the dragon because of the belief that a baby born this year will be auspicious for the family.


Malaysian feng shui expert Lillian Too says on her website: "The celestial Dragon is the ultimate good luck symbol. This wonderful creature features in all the Chinese divinitive sciences and is central to the practice of feng shui."

On her site, she gives the following tips to energize the good fortune breath of the dragon:     

-Purchase a dragon image and display it on a table or cabinet on the East side of your office/study. This can be made of ceramic, crystal, or wood. Dragons made of gold, cloisonne or other metals are not encouraged since the metal element destroys the wood element. Also, never place the dragon inside the bedroom - it is too yang a creature.
-Hang a picture of a dragon along the East wall of your office.
-Simulate the green dragon of the East in your garden by having flowering plants set in a winding flowerbed on the East side of your garden.
For more tips on how to use feng shui for your business, check out her website here. You can also purchase her books at booksstores and World of Fengshui branches. For a list of World of Fengshui branches, click here.


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