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Four pillars of a successful brand

MyPhone reveals secrets to successfully taking on foreign competitions
By Carlo P. Mallo |

From an unknown brand in 2007, MyPhone of the listed Solid Group has gradually and steadily made a connection with the Filipino masses.

Aware of the stiff competition from foreign brands, the people behind the company took another route by customizing the content (and for some models, even the design) of their phones for Filipinos.“Having helped establish foreign brands in other segments for the past years, we decided that it was about time to build a Filipino brand,” Beda Mañalac, vice president of Solid Group, Inc., told “That was our driving force.”


It paid off. At present, the company sells an average of 30,000 units in a month with an estimated value of P100 million. MyPhone was able to achieve this by making aspirational mobile phone designs, such as those with QWERTY keypads, easily within reach of the masses. Mañalac shared four pillars that helped establish the  MyPhone brand:



1.  Credibility

If no one believes in your brand, no one will buy your product. “At MyPhone, our credibility lies with the fact that we provided the Filipino family the same optimum experience that we provided foreign brands. And with the MyPhone brand, we made sure that our products deliver.”


2. Capability

A great concept may be the start of a great business opportunity, but capability is just as important. “We knew that the technology was available, and we had the technical expertise of handling electronic products. We both had the production and the after-sales service capabilities.”

3. Commitment

You may have the credibility and you may have the capability but without the commitment to follow through your plans, they will remain mere plans. “One thing I realized when we were  starting work  MyPhone, your commitment grows when it’s a new concept. It’s like you want to make sure that it will be successful, especially when your rivals are established already.”


 4. Innovation

MyPhone started as a Filipino company that offered mobile phones equipped with the dual SIM capability, something that is also offered by “China Phones” or those generic mobile phones.  “We had to innovate -- to offer the market something new…That is when we thought  of putting concepts into phones [and that’s how we were able to launch] the Pinoy Phone that had everything Pinoy about it – from Angelus to Pinoy jokes and trivia collections.”


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