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From virtual selling to opening an actual store: Learn from Stoic Clothing Co.

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College bestfriends and business partners Jonah Guzman and Ieth Inolino have always had a love-hate relationship with online shopping. "Putting orders on the Web is very convenient because it saves you a lot of time. But sometimes, you don\\\'t get what you actually paid for, or the product shipped to you isn\\\'t exactly what\\\'s on the catalogue," says Guzman, the brainchild of Stoic Clothing Company.

Originally called Solids and Stripes, Stoic opened in 2005 as an online boutique registered on, carrying various Multiply brands under their label to create that department store feel.

It was in 2009 that the two finally decided to quit their jobs and open a physical store at Cubao Expo in Quezon City, with Guzman taking charge of all the managing tasks. Meanwhile, Inolino took care of the company’s marketing.

With the transition of Stoic from just an online shop to a physical boutique, the owners invited all the participants in their Multiply store to consign with them. Tod


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