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Get work done with these 25 productivity tools (Part 1)

For today\\\'s entrepreneurs, speed and productivity are absolute musts.
By KC Calpo |

For today\\\'s entrepreneurs, speed and productivity are absolute musts. There are a wide variety of business opportunities out there, and every minute and hour wasted is equivalent to lost profit. There\\\'s simply no room for any distractions, doubts and dalliances — if you have a business idea, a plan in place, and the necessary drive to see that idea through to the end, you need to act now.


Thankfully, technology has also evolved and provided us with a trove of tools to get us moving, manage our workload and help us stay on course. But here comes a major problem: with so many productivity tools out there, which ones truly block all the unnecessary noise and allow us to accomplish things in the shortest amount of time? has already published articles on the four productivity techniques you can implement, the six online tools you can use for business, and the money apps that give you the lowdown on your earnings and expenses. This time around, we give you 25 more productivity tools (divided into five categories) that will maximize your workday, work across many desktop and mobile platforms, and won\\\'t burn a hole in your wallet.



Read Part 2 of this list here.


Writing and Note-Taking

Writers, researchers and bloggers understand how tough it can be to actually sit down and write when there are so many things going on throughout their workday. And when they finally face their desktop computer or laptop, more distractions come their way, giving them little time to concentrate and meet deadlines. Enter three tools that help shut everything out and allow you to write: Write or Die, Write Space, and PlainText. We also have two note-taking tools for you: Evernote and Tomboy Notes.


Write or Die


Write or Die doesn\\\'t actually mete out a death penalty whenever you fail to finish an article, report, or blog entry. However, it gives out punishments that could actually be worse than a missed deadline and an angry editor or supervisor. When you stop typing and exceed the grace period that you yourself have set (or fall below your word and time goal), an “unpleasant sound” will blare through your speakers. Worse, the words you\\\'ve already typed will be erased if you don\\\'t get back to work! Grace periods can be set to three levels (Forgiving, Strict or Evil), and there are also three modes for Consequences (Gentle, Normal and the hilariously named Kamikaze Mode).




- Desktop (Windows, Mac, and Linux via Adobe AIR)

-Mobile (Apple iPad only)

Export text to:



- Google Docs

- Clipboard


-Desktop version: US$10.00

-Mobile: US$9.99 through the Apple App Store


Write Space


Not fond of using a word processor when writing? Get down to the very basics with Write Space, a no-frills Google Chrome App that you can also use when offline. Simply type away, and you\\\'ll get a word, line and character count at the bottom of your browser. And you don\\\'t have to worry about losing your document; Write Space has a “persistent auto-save” function that kicks in every time you press a key. Backgrounds can also be changed to white, blue and black; and since you\\\'re using a browser-based tool, it will be compatible with all available operating systems (as long as you use Chrome, of course). Here\\\'s the downside: Write Space can\\\'t export your documents yet; for now, you\\\'ll have to do with the good ol\\\' copy-and-paste routine.



Platform: Google Chrome

Price: Free




Aside from providing us with hours of entertainment, tablets can also serve as an additional workhorse, particularly for entrepreneurs who spend more time outside the office than in it. Apple iPad users can use the basic mobile text editor PlainText to compose documents, and organize them into different folders. Dropbox users can also export their data to their accounts.


Platform: Apple iOS

Export to: Dropbox

Price: Free; ad removal for $1.99


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