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Get work done with these 25 productivity tools (Part 2)

For today\\\'s entrepreneurs, speed and productivity are absolute musts.
By KC Calpo |


The difference between CoTweet and the other social media managers featured here is that the former caters specifically to businesses of all sizes. Major brands such as Coca-Cola, Citi, Delta and Microsoft use it to reach out to their audiences and monitor their social campaigns. The best way to see what CoTweet can do for your company is to sign up for a CoTweet Enterprise demo, which can be done here.


If This, Then That (or IFTTT) isn\\\'t exactly a social media manager; it\\\'s more of a task creator not just for your online networks, but also for many of the online services that you often use (RSS, cloud storage, entertainment, etc.) One of our partner sites has recently published a full review of IFTTT; since then, a new Channel has been added, putting the total number of supported services at a whopping 42. And yes, IFTTT is 100% free.


File Storage and Sharing


When it comes to data storage, hard drives and USB sticks just don\\\'t cut it anymore. Cloud storage and file sharing have become the norm and are considered indispensable by many, especially those who use more than one device for work and engage in collaborative projects. Here are our five picks for secure and reliable storage and sharing services.



Dropbox is usually the first option for countless consumers who want to back up important files and send them to family members, friends and colleagues. The personal plan, which starts with 2GB of storage space, is enough for most, but you\\\'ll get more if you convince other people to sign up for the service. Dropbox also offers three paid plans for corporate users, and doesn\\\'t discriminate when it comes to operating systems.



-Desktop (Windows, Mac, Linux)

-Mobile (Apple iOS, Google Android, BlackBerry)




-Pro 50

-Pro 100


Price and terms:

-Pro 50: US$9.99/month or US$99/year for 50GB

-Pro 100: US$19.99/month or US$199/year for 100GB

-Teams: Starts at US$795 for five users and unlimited storage space; US$125/year for additional users



Box is another favorite of ours when it comes to cloud storage and sharing. Like Dropbox, it rewards its users for certain actions (in our case, using the Android mobile app gave us 50GB of lifetime storage space! Sweet!), and is known for its usability and security. For those who want to use Box for business, there are two plan options to consider, and both come with a lot of great features: password-protected sharing, integration with Google Apps and more third-party services, version history and stats, and bigger file size limits.



-Desktop (All operating systems via browser access)

-Mobile (Apple iOS, Google Android, BlackBerry)






Pricing and terms:

-Business: US$15/month for one user

-Enterprise: Inquire

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