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Get work done with these 25 productivity tools (Part 2)

For today\\\'s entrepreneurs, speed and productivity are absolute musts.
By KC Calpo |

For today\\\'s entrepreneurs, speed and productivity are absolute musts. There are a wide variety of business opportunities out there, and every minute and hour wasted is equivalent to lost profit. There\\\'s simply no room for any distractions, doubts and dalliances — if you have a business idea, a plan in place, and the necessary drive to see that idea through to the end, you need to act now.


Thankfully, technology has also evolved and provided us with a trove of tools to get us moving, manage our workload and help us stay on course. But here comes a major problem: with so many productivity tools out there, which ones truly block all the unnecessary noise and allow us to accomplish things in the shortest amount of time? has already published articles on the four productivity techniques you can implement, the six online tools you can use for business, and the money apps that give you the lowdown on your earnings and expenses. This time around, we give you 25 more productivity tools (divided into five categories) that will maximize your workday, work across many desktop and mobile platforms, and won\\\'t burn a hole in your wallet.



Read Part 1 of this list here. Read the rest below:


Ta-Da List


Not interested in the extra features that to-do list services often have? The free web-based service called Ta-Da List may just be what you\\\'re looking for. It specializes in lists, and doesn\\\'t really care for anything else beyond that (well, aside from task list sharing, and mobile browser access that\\\'s optimized for the iPhone, but works with other phones, too). No fuss, no muss.


If you want a to-do list service that places a premium on both function and looks, Wunderlist is right up your alley. The gorgeous designs perfectly complement its features: drag-and-drop organization, and sharing of tasks with other users via e-mail/printing/CloudApp/social media. It also plays nice with any desktop and mobile operating systems, and offers a web-based version. And yes, all of these come for free! It kinda makes us all giddy inside, despite the fact that it currently doesn\\\'t have any support for Google Tasks or  other external list services.




-Desktop (Browser access, Windows, Mac, Linux)

-Mobile (Apple iOS, Google Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone)

Social Media Managers

Companies these days need a social media strategy to get even more customers and spread the word about their products and services. But with the growing number of social media platforms, it can be time-consuming to update each one individually and monitor all ongoing conversations. These five social media account managers will simplify matters and give you a bird\\\'s eye view of everything that\\\'s going on online.




TweetDeck is one of the most popular free social media management services, and for good reason. It\\\'s user-friendly, handles multiple accounts, integrates with Facebook and Twitter (but of course), and provides features like update scheduling and filters. It can also be used through your web browser, installed on Windows and Mac systems, and accessed on the go via iPhone and Android apps.



Seesmic Ping


The service formerly known as Seesmic is another contender in the battle for social media manager supremacy. It has native Windows and Mac applications, wider mobile accessibility (iOS, Android and Windows Phone), and web access, as well as support for Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and LinkedIn. The company also has Seesmic CRM, which integrates with Salesforce and has Android/Windows Phone 7 apps.



HootSuite is the go-to service for casual social media users, entrepreneurs and corporate social media managers. Its analytics and automated reports, RSS feature, customizable user dashboard, update scheduling and collaboration functions are great additions to standards like support for multiple accounts, custom shortened URLs and mobile access. It also provides two kinds of user plans: standard (free) and Pro; more information here.

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