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Guerilla marketing 101

Get creative and see your business grow.
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Don’t let limited resources hinder your marketing efforts. Get creative and see your business grow.

[related|post]It\\\'s common sense: you need to spend on marketing to draw attention to your business. The problem, however, may lie in your lack of funds to get the job done. But don’t let that stop you: when the tried-and-tested is beyond your reach, it’s time to deviate from the ordinary. And that calls for guerilla marketing.


The term was coined by American guru Jay Conrad Levinson in his groundbreaking book, Guerilla Marketing. Though the idea has entered popular culture and everyday conversation, not many fully understand it. This approach is all about “using non-traditional, unconventional methods to attain   powerful awareness and profit,” explains Eric Ladines Villarama, a licensed guerrilla marketing master trainer. Using a military analogy, Levinson labeled this style “guerrilla” because it represents “the tactics, strategies, and executions of guerrilla soldiers,” who are “not equipped with much supplies and weapons,” shares Villarama, who is a speaker with Salt & Light Ventures Inc., a company that specializes in organizing learning events.



He adds: “They instead are forced to use their problem-solving skills and the little resources they have to … attack the larger opposition, [and] not by brute strength or force. This is the same mantra for guerrilla marketers. Traditional marketers may have a large budget to work with, but guerrilla marketers don’t. Thus, they must think more creatively.”

Guerrilla vs. Traditional
If you don’t have enough money to promote your venture, accept it as a given. Instead of fretting about it, keep your eye fixed on your target market. According to Villarama, “You should rely first on qualitative data from the target audience and begin creating scenarios for low-cost methods to create unconventional awareness campaigns. Guerrilla marketing is about connecting a relevant message of the brand to a specified representative of a target audience.”


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