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Guide for the first-time online advertiser

Don\\\'t forget to include relevant keyword variations such as colloquial terms, plurals, alternate spellings and synonyms.
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The internet is increasingly the first stop of information for people looking to purchase anything for furniture to refrigerators, cars or even clothes. Research shows that in the Asia-Pacific region alone, around 65 percent of consumers surveyed conducted research online before purchasing offline. The percentage was still higher in the Philippines. Around 70 percent of Filipinos, did just that even if they purchase offline. This means that important purchase decisions are being informed by conversations online.

If this sounds like a golden opportunity for advertisers, whether large or small, to engage with consumers, that’s because it is. However, the truth is, digital advertising is no longer merely an opportunity. It’s a necessity. Consumers have embraced the digital revolution, which means advertisers should too. But with a myriad of tools and ad formats online, it can be challenging to form a streamlined online campaign.


Here’re some tips for the first-time online advertiser:



1. Think like a customer: Pretend you’re a user searching for the product or service you offer. What search terms would you use to look for information? To avoid generic and general keywords that might result in un-targeted traffic to your website, use two- to three-word phrases. For optimal ad visibility, also include relevant keyword variations such as colloquial terms, plurals, alternate spellings and synonyms. And remember you only pay for clicks, so the better you pre-qualify clicks by picking specific keywords, the more effective your campaign will be.

Get rid of broad terms that could relate to a wide spectrum of products or services. For example, if you’re selling purses, don’t just run on the generic keyword bags because your ad might show on irrelevant search queries for tea bags and vacuum bags.



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