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How a new product plans to revolutionize the \\\'instant\\\' food segment

An instant product that promises to be a healthy alternative for busy individuals
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A new product has hit groceries and supermarkets recently. Its claim to fame is that it is destined to change the rules of the game when it comes to anything instant.

Produced by Prepmeals Corporation, iMeal is an instant product that promises to be a healthy alternative for busy individuals who do not have the luxury of time for a complete meal.

Though iMeal was only launched this year, the company was established back in 2009.


A ready-to-eat complete rice meal in an easy-to-carry special airtight package that locks in the flavor and ensures that your iMeal remains as fresh as the day it was cooked.

In a statement, the company said that it will revolutionize the way instant food products are seen in the country due to these four characteristics:

imeal photo


1.    It doesn’t need refrigeration. Special Japanese technology has been used in manufacturing the product.


2.    More than half a year of shelf life. It\\\'s special packaging uses plastic lined with aluminum for maximum protection.

3.    It’s a complete meal with rice and viand. No Filipino considers it a full meal unless it has rice and viand.


4.    No need to cook. As the product\\\'s tag line goes, "Just Init. Eat it," the product is literally ready to eat. You just heat it for you to appreciate its full flavor.

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