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How do search ads work?

Online advertising is effective for small business as well.
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If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, why should you consider advertising online? The potential for reaching your target customer is easier online. People are increasingly logging in to search about what they want to buy before purchasing it in a store.


Online ads play a crucial role in making the Internet free. The search engine, Google, can afford to offer its services because it earns through ads. According to Senior Communications Associate at Google, Sana Rahman, their goal is to deliver the right ad to the right user at the right time. Online ads should always have useful information.


She says online ad campaigns are great for business because it is easily customizable depending on the search words you specify for your product. If your business is small, specific search words will work best while bigger companies will be better off using generic terms. Moreover, online ads are perfect for small businesses because there is no minimum budget for Google AdWords. You can control how much you spend for your online campaign and still get the same four lines of ad text whether you are a mom-and- pop shop or a multinational company.



The benefits of advertising online are listed below:

1) Relevance. The ad\\\'s success depends on how much the information is deemed useful.

2) Levels the playing field for small businesses. You don\\\'t need to be a huge company to advertise.

3) Customizable and measurable. The budget is flexible so that advertisers can determine how much they can allot per month. You can also change or cancel your ads anytime.

4) Reach users anywhere. There is no barrier when it comes to location.

5) Pay only for results. You are charged based on the relevance of the search term for your product- in short only when someone clicks at your ad. Ad prices will depend on again the relevance of the information and bids for the search words.


Rahman also gave three best practice tips for small companies wanting to get into online advertising:


1) Build a well-structured account. You should experiment with different groups of keywords and find out which ones give the best results.


2) Think like a user. Avoid generic keywords and use two to three word phrases to target the right customer. Colloquial terms are also useful, plus don\\\'t forget the alternate spellings for your keyword. The more you pin down which keywords work for your market, the more successful the campaign will be.

3) Good copy leads to clicks. This is no time to scrimp on hiring a good writer. If you want to have a compelling ad, they need to be written well. Great copy means more clicks and more clicks lead to sales.

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