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How scent can make your customers buy

Jeroen van Straten tells us how
By Carlo P. Mallo |

The olfactory sense is the most complex and powerful among the five senses of the human being. It is even believed to be one of the last senses that a person loses in his dying hours.

More than photos, words, taste, and voices, it is the scent that triggers the most number of emotions. Scent is believed to be able to shift people\\\'s moods in a snap – from jubilation to depression to melancholy to gladness.

Despite its overwhelming power, the sense of smell is one of the least used marketing strategies by companies, at least in the country. Take a look and you’ll see that restaurants have food tasting, commercials have jingles, and billboards have mind-blowing photos.

Jeroen van Straten, the same guy who brought in Pepper Lunch to the country, is changing the way business smells in the country with his Air and Odor Management company.

“We offer more than 30 different scents that can trigger different moods, whether you want to have a more relaxed aura, or a more upbeat ambiance,” says van Straten.

1.    Increased sales
“People are more inclined to make purchases as the scent will trigger a more positive and relaxed mindset for them,” says van Straten

2.    Happy employees
Aside from having happy customers, your employees who are manning the stores will also be imbibing the positive effects of the scent. Of course, their brain triggers happy thoughts as well.

3.    Less complaints
Who would want to make a big fuss out of things when you think that you are in such a happy place? No, people will not be in a trance-like state, but their brain cells will be more focused on the brighter side of things, meaning there will be fewer complaints from customers.

4.    Completes the ambiance
While the architecture and interiors of a store is flawless, the uniform of the staff is perfect, it is never complete until the store smells like it should. A perfect example would be the scent of Christmas trees at malls. How many of these actually smell like pine? Scents also completes the ambiance and perfects the moment.


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