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How to deal with customer complaints

These tactics can help you weather an irate consumer and yield a positive resolution to the problem.
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<>4. Keep calm. Keeping your cool works, like it does for many tricky situations. Hopkins elaborates "Most angry people say things they don\\\'t really mean. Learn to let those things pass and take them up after you\\\'ve solved the present challenge--only if you feel it\\\'s necessary to do so,"

5. Ask questions. By asking questions about their problem, you can get to the bottom of the problem quickly. Try to get precise information about the difficulties the problem caused, rather than a general venting of hot air.

7. Agree on a solution. "After you know exactly what the challenge is, you\\\'re in a position to look for some kind of action that will relieve the challenge" Hopkins says. Also, try not to get into a penny pinching mode by making the customer shoulder more of the costs than he should.

8. Agree on a schedule and meet it. "Once you\\\'ve agreed on a solution, set up a schedule for its accomplishment. Agree to a realistic time frame that you know you can handle. The biggest mistake you can make is to agree to something that can\\\'t be done. If you do, you\\\'d better be ready to face another bout of this person\\\'s anger when you don\\\'t come through," Hopkins said.


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