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How to design a better logo

Learn how to make your company logo stick with these tips from these design experts.
By Kendrick Go |
How to design a better logo

Consumers are usually attracted to a good logo. As the distinguishing mark of a product, it is therefore essential that it be striking and eye-catching.

According to corporate identity designers Abi Goy and Liza Flores of Studio Dialogo, a design company that specializes in graphic design, a good logo should be something related to your business and differentiates your product from the competition.

“A good logo should be able to communicate the message that your company wants to say to the audience. A good example would be Nike the moment you see the swoosh sign you automatically know that it is Nike,” Goy said.

A logo consists of various elements such as the color, shape, size, and font, each crafted to communicate a particular message. As an example, red is a very bold and passionate color and usually indicates dynamism while blue denotes stability. Squares, on the other hand, are commonly regarded as symbols of a solid and stable entity.


“By combining these elements one can create an image that customers can connect with,” Flores said.

The duo shares the three basic steps to designing a good logo for you business.


The company decides on the concept for the logo. It is usually done in a series of interviews in order to draw out what the company wants for the logo.

“This is usually the longest phase of the process. In these discussions you get a sense of the company’s vision. You are establishing a design direction and there are certain words that come up,” Flores said.


This step usually involves looking at existing logos and applying their research findings.

“If the company wants a symbol to accompany it you need to do a lot of research on the company and other symbols,” Goy said.

She shares that they once had a client who wanted a flower logo; the company wanted a flower design that wasn’t common yet not too exotic. So they researched similar designs, and came up with a good compromise of style and sophistication.


Goy adds one should pay attention to the application of the logo as it will affect the design parameters.

“You don’t form a logo from a vacuum, you need to look at the application. You need to know if the logo will be placed in tags or billboards to come up with an appropriate design, but the rule is to design a logo that can be seen even if it‘s very small,” she said.


This is where all the final adjustments are made and the brand manual is given to the client. The brand manual is a booklet that shows the client to proper use of the logo. Improper use of the logo reduces credibility and damages branding initiatives.

For entrepreneurs looking to design their own logos, the duo said it will set them back anywhere between P45,000 to P85,000. A logo has a standard lifespan of 10 years the cost and is well worth the expense.


“It is cheap since you will be using it for a long time,” Goy said.

The rule of thumb in designing a good logo is if it looks good even without the effects. Goy says that sometimes entrepreneurs go for logos with a lot of effects that are either ugly when printed or very expensive to print.

“Before doing your do some research first to look at your preference, your competitors and the make your decision.” She further adds that sometimes simple is better,’ Goy said.

Flores recommends that a company as much as possible stick with its logo for a long time to remain consistent.

“Don’t change unless you have a major reason because sometimes it may be detrimental to the product,” she said.

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