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How to effectively use social media for your business

Are social networking sites worth the hype? Filipino businesses say yes.
By Dulce Castillo-Morales |

Social networking sites are considered to have played a huge role in the victory of  Barack Obama in last U.S. presidential election.

In the Philippines, the last presidential polls also saw candidates aggressively using Facebook and Twitter accounts to ramp up their bids.The marketing and advertising appeal of social networking sites is not lost on companies either, a lot of w hich have tapped these new media to promote their businesses’ products and services.

The use of these sites, according to Mattel Soliven, marketing solutions specialist at, is a natural progression in digital marketing. ( is a Filipino search engine and portal, owned by Vantage Equities Inc.)

Previously, companies were content with maintaining an online presence, but now a website is not enough to create awareness of its product and services.

“Marketing people know that creating a presence in social networking media is the way to go. A website is good for presenting corporate profiles and other information,” says Soliven. “However, it is not as interactive as a social networking site, which gives more room for creativity and communication with the target audience or customer base.”



Facebook: Most Number of Users

Facebook is hands-down the most popular and most effective social networking media, says Soliven, adding that it uses a “persuasive strategy” since it can persuade people to participate and interact.

Facebook users are bombarded not only with games, applications, messages and shout-outs, but advertisements and sales pitches as well. Companies are now competing aggressively for responses and hits from friends, followers and contacts in social networking sites—the most popular of which is in Facebook.

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