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How to manage a sideline business

The idea of running a business while holding down a day job has become easier
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In the local parlance, the word “sideline” sometimes carries a negative connotation, conjuring images of shady dealings and under-the-table transactions.

But with the emergence of telecommuting, flexible work hours and other work management options, the idea of running a business while holding down a day job is becoming an appealing one, especially amid tough times. [See 10 business budget ideas here]

Cleaning Act

Charmaine Dee works for the Pan Pacific Travel Corp. As assistant vice-president of the company’s inbound division, she develops tour packages and promotional activities to attract Filipino and foreign travelers to explore the country.

The 31-year-old executive, however, always wanted a business of her own—a dream that she shared with her two siblings, an older sister who works in media and a brother who just finished university. At first, they acquired a franchise for a laundry shop. When their contract expired, however, they decided to put up one on their own.

With a startup fund of about P1 million, Dee and her siblings put up Red Hanger. The shop, which is located on Pablo Ocampo (formerly Vito Cruz) Extension in Makati City, serves an average of 700 customers and washes around 5,000 kilos of clothes monthly. Dee, who manages Red Hanger’s finances and daily operations, mans the shop twice or thrice a week after work. [See 10 business ideas for Christmas here]

To cope with the needs of her job and shop, she uses a simple tool: to-do lists. Writing down all  her tasks “keeps me focused and helps me track my progress,” she says. And when all else fails, the best course of action is “to stop and breathe!” she shares with a laugh.



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