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How to motivate employees to do more

Convincing employees to do more for the company can help you survive a down economy.
By Kendrick Go |

Due to the economy, most entrepreneurs are faced with a situation wherein they have to do more with less. A way to lessen this burden is through multitasking, which can enable your company to maximize productivity.

Although multitasking sounds like a great idea for businesses, convincing employees to put in extra work can be tricky. In these tough times bosses must encourage multitasking as a way of increasing efficiency, while at the same time reducing cost and weeding out redundant positions. Here are some tips from entrepreneurs and managers on how to convince your people to start doing more for you company.

1) Start doing it yourself

Chit Juan owner of Echostore says that entrepreneurs must lead the way by setting an example. “Even bosses must take on more roles or multiple responsibilities, which is what an entrepreneur is anyway.” On the other hand, Monibel Dychiao of Steak MD says she personally cooks and serves during peak hours to set an example for her employees that nobody is exempted from doing more work.


2) Reward them

According to Elizabeth Tan, Administration Manager of news agency Agence France Presse (AFP), the best way to motivate employees to multitask is to reward them. She says increasing their salaries, giving them merit increases, and even additional benefits go a long way in encouraging employees to multitask. For her part, young businesswoman Anj Fereira of Café Kafe says that even small rewards like free mobile phone loads would do. “Maybe small motivations like if hitting targets would be free lunch or even free mobile loads is a plus, or think of something that would also help them in this economic crisis like a training program for extra income,” she said,


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